Resin Jewellery

Resin Jewellery

Resin Jewellery by Jackie Brazil
Black Tangerine has chosen a range of the best and most distinctive resin jewellery pieces including necklaces and bracelets from the Latin designer Jackie Brazil.

A piece of hand made Jackie Brazils resin jewellery is a totally original piece of art. The crafting process for each piece of resin jewellery yields different results each time. No single piece is the same. The Jackie Brazil range comes in a variety of sexy shapes, with alluring names such as “Liquorice Allsorts” and “Indiana Jones”. This beautiful range of resin jewellery makes a stunning fashion statement.

How to look after and care for your Jackie Brazil resin jewellery.

Resin Jewellery should be handled like ceramics, if dropped on a hard surface it will shatter. To take care of your jewellery all you need is a damp cloth and a small amount of silicon based furniture polish or oil. If your jewellery gets badly scratched it can be polished with “Brasso” or a similar metal polish.

Jackie Brazil resin jewellery
We are proud to say that our friends at Jackie Brazil are a politically conscious. They promise that no child labour is used in the process of making their beautiful resin jewellery. They are also an environmentally friendly company, with ninety eight percent of the materials used in their jewellery coming from recycled resources.

Jackie Brazil’s resin jewellery is hand made in Brazil by well paid and well trained teams of craftsmen. The company takes great care of its worker and it tries to give back to them a stable future, as part of the reward for their artistic talent. The company provide its employees with many services including the following:

Physician at the place of work
Dance classes
Idiom courses (English, French, etc)
Retirement plan
Help in attaining a house
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