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The Fashion Handbag

The world is bursting with objects of value, utility, and meaning. One of the most precious items to most women is their fashion handbag. Seen by many to be a quintessentially feminine object, it is not only one of the most useful but also one of the most meaningful and best loved accessory item.

The significance of a fashion handbag exceeds that of its ascetic value. The fashion handbag is part of mankind’s psyche. There are Egyptian hieroglyphs dating from 439B.C. depicting people with bags used to hold knuckle bones. Since this time fashion handbags have held a symbolic importance. A fashion handbag has always been used to protect what we cannot live without. It enables a person to hold and hide a part of themselves. Through this utility a fashion handbag provides a means of keeping a secret, maintaining a sense of power. A fashion handbag is the embodiment of the feminine mystique.

Fashion Handbag from Black Tangerine
In the last century fashion handbags have exploded in popularity. Their designs have been taken to new heights. They have become a sign of exuberance, a status symbol, a testament to the growing independence of women. During the golden age of the silver screen the fashion handbag took on a whole new status. It became the ultimate accessory for exuding glamour. Where as the inside of a women bag is private and mystical, in today’s age the outside of a fashion handbag has become a sign of ones status in the world.

At Black Tangerine we supply a range of stylish and sexy handbags that tell the world exactly what you want it to hear; from our sleek and sultry Retro Clutch purses to our just plain fabulous Dotty handbags. At Black Tangerine we are dedicated to crafting fashion handbags that will turn heads.

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