Web Hosting

Hosting services range in price depending on your needs. We know one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Our service promise is never to oversell hosting or use cheap shared hosting reseller accounts. All accounts at Black Tangerine are hosted on our own private dedicated servers at no additional cost to you!

We offer dedicated and semi-dedicated servers, held strictly to a fraction of capacity to ensure our clients’ maximised service for WordPress and other PHP-intensive applications. In addition, we do over full dedicated servers for those that need power, reliability and have their own administrators.

We also offer full email and FTP accounts, in addition to complete setup of Google Apps and support services. What makes our hosting packages different is you don’t have to worry about the hosting administration. We take care of it for you. Think of it as your own little IT Team who takes care of your website when the site is having troubles and also adds, removes and changes email addresses, FTP accounts and those type of requests. You literally don’t need to do anything, as we take care of your web and email needs.

Power Hosting Packages